The Tennis Pro Zone Tennis 2017/18 Championship series  includes 3 exciting tournaments for all levels.

the third of our GRAND-PRIX TOURNAMENT is

Saturday, May 12th 2018
Sign up Now! – 1p to 4pm

Tournament fees per participant:
Entry fee for 1 tournament: $55
All payments are non-refundable – Some exceptions might apply (long term illness, etc…)

Weddington Golf and Tennis (formally Studio City Tennis),
4047 Whitsett, Studio City 91604

Register online or by contacting
Claude Info@TennisProZone.com

LILA Applicants – Do not use this form, register by contacting Patrice Fillin at patrice.filin@lilaschool.com

  • The Rules:


    Co-ed U16-18
    Co-ed U14
    Co-ed U12
    Co-ed U10
    Co-ed U8 NEW!

    Scoring per tournament:

    Participant: 3 points
    1/4 finalist: 5 points
    1/2 finalist: 8 points
    Runner up: 11 points
    Winner: 14 points
    Accumulate points through out the 4 tournaments and the players with the most points in each category will get the Grand Prize (fyi: each tournament will still have trophies !)

    An additional 3 points will be awards to players who participated in the 4 events.
    One no show is allowed, a second no show at a tournament will count a a forfeit.
    ALL participating players will receive GREAT PRIZES including Equipment, Free lessons, Gift Certificates, and more…




    (For kids who can’t underhand feed, a coach will feed for them)

    TPZ 11/21 is a game played on a traditional tennis court, but scored and orchestrated more like ping pong than tennis. Each player takes turn drop hitting 5 serves in a row to the deuce court and then each player takes turns drop hitting 5 serves to the ad court. This rotation continues until one player reach 11/21. At 10/20 all, the player up in rotation feeds the last point. A feed is considered “in” if it goes anywhere on side of the court that the feeder is serving in singles and anywhere on the side of the court the feeder is serving to plus the alley in doubles. On a traditionally painted tennis court on the back part of the court where the hash mark and the center service have a space (center of the backcourt,) players must decide whether it was on appropriate side by estimating where the line would be carried through from the center hash mark to the center service box line.

    Servers must strike the ball with their racket hand above the point of contact.